Turn your images into works of art using a single unbroken line of varying thickness

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Use your own image...
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The best images to use...
     - are quite simple e.g. close up of a face
     - have contrast / lights and darks

Ideas include...
     - wedding photo (great anniversary gift!)
     - holiday photo
     - sports team or player

or try one of these...

1. Position Your Image

Drag your image around to find the best crop.
Zoom using the slider.

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The image here is only a respresentation of the final effect so that you can get an idea of the colors and layout.
Scroll down to create your final image!

2. Pattern

Select one of our styles below. Remember that what you see previewed is only an approximation of the final effect!

  • Spiral
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Triangle
  • Triangle Down

3. Color Scheme

You can choose one of our preset color schemes, or define your own if you’re feeling particularly creative!

4. Additional Options

Premium Option Chosen
One of the options you selected is a Premium option.

For $5 you can...
- Remove the Line Sublime logo
- Choose your own color scheme